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"The Expert’s Guide to Improving Workflows using Construction Documentation"

Free Online Webinar | February 16th, 2021 | 11AM PST

What if you could remotely view any area of a project right from your laptop?  What if those images were at most 5 days old?  Would that help you resolve issues faster, assist with updating your schedule or speed up your pay app reviews?  Of course it would.  In this webinar we will discuss how you can:

  • gain virtual access to current jobsite conditions anytime
  • use the 360 Photo archive to walk through your construction site's timeline
  • help achieve and prove daily progress goals

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Time for Your Questions

Ask our expert, Russ Bollig, anything about 360 Photo. Our leading specialist will give you insights and best practice advice.

Expert Knowledge

Our credo: construction sites are for doers. With practical experience and first-hand knowledge, our specialist-led webinars bring real value in one hour.

Your 360 Photo Specialist

russ-Bollig 120px

Russ Bollig

Russ started using Multivista in 2006 as a general contractor and soon purchased his first franchise. Thanks to his first-hand experience, Russ was a natural fit to lead the Photos, Facilities and Vertical Construction division as well as the regional leader for the Central USA area.

A graduate of Iowa State University in Construction Engineering, Russ possesses extensive experience in the construction industry as a Project Engineer, Superintendent, and Project Manager. He also continues to own and operate a Multivista franchise in Nebraska.


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