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Multivista Projects are Better Built & Better Managed
Global Construction Output on the Rise
Is the construction industry really growing? An ever-increasing number of construction projects are breaking ground around the world.
Case Study
Leveraging Technology to Avoid Rework Case Study
With the use of visual documentation, these developers were able to save approximately $40,000 in rework construction costs that would've occurred without documenting the job site.
Case Study
Darden & Company Atlanta Landmark Case Study
Darden & Company uses UAV mapping and imagery to manage the demolition of an Atlanta landmark. Learn how Multivista helped transform the Georgia Dome into The Home Depot Backyard.
Construction Photography Best Practices Guide
Construction site photography tips from the global leader in visual construction documentation. Learn how to capture and store effective photographs.
Case Study
Take Me Out To the Construction Documentation Game Case Study
Multivista provided visual documentation for Verity Commercial's construction process from start to finish on two multifamily residential projects in Washington’s Ballpark District.
Case Study
Bridge Replacement Case Study
The Lowry Avenue Bridge Replacement project was a new steel tied-arch bridge that replaced the original structure. Updates were completed in 1958 and 2003.
Case Study
Top Developer Case Study
When building a 285-unit luxury apartment complex in Miami, ZOM, one of Florida’s leading developers, wanted to keep tabs on construction progress to make sure things were on schedule and on budget. However, with several projects in development and several stakeholders to keep in the loop, they didn’t want to have to make additional site visits.
Case Study
Northeast Georgia Health Systems Case Study
Northeast Georgia Health Systems (NGHS) has undergone a period of intense growth over the last decade, during which it has built and renovated many hospitals, offices, and health centers. For these projects, NGHS always trusts Multivista’s visual documentation services to help stave off unforeseen costs and stay on budget.
4 Construction Technologies that can Aid Disaster Planning and Relief
When disaster strikes, video and photo documentation can help you assess damage from a safe distance, aid relief workers, and get you ready for the recovery process. Here’s how webcams and drones are improving safety and protecting properties.
UAV Compliance 101: How to Use Drones on Job Sites
Construction professionals are excited to start using commercial drones on their projects. However, flying a UAV commercially is no easy operation. This Ebook goes into detail about the regulations, safety concerns, and procedures that commercial drone operators need to be aware of before they fly.
All You Need to Know About Construction Risk Management
A collection of resources that will help improve risk management for construction project teams.
How to Make Effective Construction Training Videos
Learn the most common mistakes when making CTVs, and how you can make more effective training videos.
Why Developers and Contractors Need to Prioritize Construction Worker Safety
Learn the many reasons worker safety is critically important for both developers and contractors.